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Have you submitted through Reverbnation to be featured? Then this is for you. We will no longer be accepting submissions through Reverbnation, how we have enjoyed working with them for various reasons and the feedback we have received from the artist themselves has given us the time to develop a better plan. SOM has successfully helped over 2,000 artist to build brands and increase their fan base since 2011. Now we have more subscribers and connect with new consumers everyday!

We have discontinued the quarterly release of all new issues of IAMSOM Magazine. We will now only release one issue per year dedicated to nothing but indie artist interested in being featured and sent out to major record labels, indie labels, radio stations, booking agencies, and music curators. With this new update we ask all indie artist interested in being featured or interested in working with us to use the contact form below. We will be reaching out to every indie artist in our database and abroad to spread the word about this update! We will no longer accept unsolicited submissions, for online content or any of our other blogs under the SOM umbrella. We thank the indie artist community for the continued support over the years, and look forward to working with more in the near future!



Artist Looking To Be Featured! #indieartist #pop #hiphop #edm #music #indiemusic #musicartist #musicmonday Comments

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