Bows – Stars & Skies @bowstheband

Berkeley-based group Bows is the brainchild of Kaila McIntyre-Bader and Luke Bace. Not too long ago, Kaila fell off her bike and broke BOTH her elbows (hence the band name). Luke rushed her to the ER where she promptly received double casts, and songwriting as she knew it came to a halt. Unable to play piano, she started messing around with some new sounds on her computer. She asked Luke if he could replicate them with his synthesizers, and he accepted the challenge. As Kaila’s arms slowly healed, Luke worked on developing a whole new world of ear candy, and Bows was born.

“Stars & Skies” is the first single off the iMe EP due out June 2017. In these #selfie driven times of cultural and political degradation, this song aims to project an optimistic narrative, floating the listener beyond the noise and toward the possibility.

The duo, along with collaborators and friends, captures sounds in their little Berkeley house primarily in pajamas and/or underwear. Bows released the Everywhere EP in November 2015, and a full length post-apocalyptic sci-fi concept album The Day We Left in May 2016.

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