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London-based electropop singer-songwriter Maryon is gearing up to release her debut single “YOU” under Northaura. Accompanied by a fresh set of whirly synths, Maryon’s song paves the way for a contemporary pop scene completely altered by experimental electronics and a dance-leaning production. The song is characterized by a slow-rolling beat, heavily armored synthesizers and a gummy, battering ram hook.

Maryon’s first official release, ‘“YOU” will be included in her upcoming EP, and is a perfect introduction for the self-directed artist who chose to release this track specifically so that people could begin to understand her not only as a young woman with a difficult background, but also as a talented musician.

The track was written by Maryon herself and produced by Canadian export Borgers, whose characteristic strong drum line and dreamy strings make the perfect match with Maryon’s husky, laidback vocals. And as Maryon explains, the lyrics are intensely personal.

“The song is about a toxic relationship that was bruising my ego and how I’m trying to get rid of all the memories connected to that person who I considered ‘special’ some time ago,” said the young ingenue. “It is also about embracing this new phase of my life where for the first time I’m not afraid to admit that I walk this world alone and it feels great to be finally at ease with myself.”

“Putting music out is a scary thing and this song is about revealing yourself and sharing a personal experience,” she reflects on her long-awaited break into the spotlight. “It’s like being exposed 100%. You can’t hide the true reality of things and I always want to stay true to myself when writing new lyrics.”

Maryon’s upcoming EP, set to be released later this year, will display this vulnerable approach to lyricism alongside her signature blend of synthpop foundations, R&B breakdowns and a slightly left of centre, off kilter sound. If “YOU” is anything to go by, we sense a bright future ahead for the young chanteuse.

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