‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’s’ Kenya Moore Forced To Show Husband Or Be Fired

Kenya Moore is now a married woman and things have been getting better in her life. For the latest update on the upcoming season, Moore is stuck in a hard place from production due to the fact that she had them in the dark about her wedding. Now she must either show and film with her husband or be forced to let the show go.

Production sources have said that they spoke to Kenya and said the only way she’ll survive on the show is if they can chronicle her relationship with husband Marc Daly. Daly, however doesn’t want to be a part of the show, because he doesn’t like the way ‘RHOA’ portrays black men.

Kenya reportedly has argued the show hired her, not her husband and that he is excluded from her contract. She also told producers she’s waited 46 years for a loving relationship that she has now, and doesn’t want to lose, but that came to no avail.

Producers are holding their ground with their decision. Another roadblock for Kenya is that according to TMZ, Kenya is undergoing IVF treatments.

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