Xavier White – A Wonder


True talent lies in the ability to trigger a range of emotions within listeners. Xavier White represents New York City through the organic timbre of his sound. Harnessing the innovation of modern productions, as well as emotional rawness found in older R&B sounds, Xavier White definitely is an underrated talent sure to break out into the mainstream. His Cancer vs. Gemini EP was released early 2016. Working alongside producer and song-writer Paul Couture, the two exhibited excellent song-writing skills depicting solid narratives through White’s sultry chops.

Fast forward to 2017 and the duo once again linked up with a House infused track perfect for summer pool and rooftop parties. Despite the pleasant sonic cocktail of Paul Couture’s production, what shines through most on “A Wonder” is Xavier’s secret weapon—the purity of his voice. The track tells the narrative of his ex-girlfriend coming back into his life out of the blue, however the way he delivers it is intoxicating and endlessly repeatable. This track has a central hook that will be swirling around your mind all day. “Every night’s a wonder, a wonder with you…”

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