Ruin The World is a cut off the upcoming project from Baegod and Sbvce titled “Ride or Die Music”. The song was produced by Sbvce (Pronounced Space). The track has a Futuristic R&B meets throwback 90s feel to it. The pair penned the track about a relationship so powerful that doing anything to endanger its existence could literally “Ruin The World”. After writing countless songs together and collaborating for years the duo knows how hard it is to balance a personal and a creative relationship. Spending to much time building one while neglecting the other is a constant challenge.

After releasing 5 projects together where Sbvce laid a bed of heavy bass and melodic synths for her sometimes soft, sometimes aggressive tone to thrive in, the pair have ventured into a new lane for their upcoming project which finds both of them being the voice. The pair has spent the past year going back and forth rapping and singing together effortlessly over a wide variety of production, showcasing their many vocal styles and letting their fans know they have much more to give them.

Loved best for their futuristic R&B vocals over Bass filled trap production which they coined “Bedroomtrap” back in 2013, from which they have built a soundcloud following of over 70k listeners and 30 million streams. The pair says that “Ride or Die Music” stays true to the sound that has made them stand out, while testing and pushing new boundaries, continuing to make them one of the industries best kept secrets. The project is set to release before the summer, make sure and follow them on their social networks for updates.

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