SOM: Lets talk about the EP Love Jones. So what inspired you to write it?

Zonnique: When I was making the project I wasn’t really making a project, I was just recording as a solo artist and finding my sound. Every record was inspired by something I was going through or one of my friends. I like to talk to everybody to see whats going on with them, or get the tea! So at first I wasn’t building a project, but when I was ready to put out a project, I got all the songs together and I pick my favorites.

SOM: So the record I’m great, is also the promo music for Guhhatl, what was the focus on that record?

Zonnique: With this record I wanted to, empower women. Since Im inspired by a lot of rap music, I wanted to give women something to feel good about, and feel good about themselves. Everything that inspires me, I just wanted it to inspire them or relate to them like other songs do for men.

SOM: Being that you have a musically inclined family and background has that ever made you feel like you didn’t want to be an artist?

Zonnique: Actually having a musically inclined family made me want to be an artist even more. Since you get to see the creative process behind it and see how happy it makes them feel after their done recording, and behind the stage at events. Everybody in my family inspired me to do music.

SOM: What do you want listeners and fans to take from Love Jones?

Zonnique: Hmmm, you can be in love but don’t let your relationship distract you from getting your money, girls especially. I feel like of course guys can listen to it too, but for anyone just don’t get distracted an definitely ladies getcho money.

SOM: Will you ever go back to being in a group? Or will you stay solo?

Zonnique: I haven’t actually thought about getting back into a group, but while we were going through our break up we did say if anything came up for a reunion, we would all do it.

SOM: You have been on reality tv for a while now, so how has that impacted your life?

Zonnique: It has impacted my life in a huge way, like it puts me on the front screen like I don’t know how to say it, but I t brings everybody into your life. When people see you out their like we’re family , we watched you grow up, so it puts me in a different limelight and its good for my career.

SOM: Since Family Hustle is coming to an end will you miss doing it?

Zonnique: I will definitely miss family hustle, filming family hustle was the best part because we filmed as a family. You can see how everyone has grown overtime.

SOM: What can we expect to see from you in GUHHATL?

Zonnique: They expect to see a lot of growth and see the journey of me being a solo artist and just watch some of how the project came together. Also me taking control of my career.

SOM: Do you feel the show represents you well?

Zonnique: I feel like however you portray yourself while your filming is what people get. I mean its a lot of ups and downs, but I think people will like watching it.

SOM: What would you say are the pros and cons of reality tv?

Zonnique: The pros are you have a platform to showcase what your doing, cons whoever your cast is could get messy, because you have to watch out for the ones who don’t have anything going on and try to hype things up.

SOM: So when can we expect a full album from you?

Zonnique: You know what, Im working on it right now as we speak. But I don’t have a date or anything as of yet!


SOM: We know you do music and Tv, will you be doing any acting in films in the Near future?

Zonnique: Im trying to get into it, I also work with a trainer every now and then. But after the album I may work harder to try and get that going.

SOM: So you also have your own line tell us about that?

Zonnique: I will be focusing more on that in the future, I only have things available that I can apply so far since im not a makeup artist. But I will be making more things available in the near future.

SOM: Will you be focusing more on that in the near future?

Zonnique: In the future, I will be going into the role of a entrepreneur and doing more on the business side as well.

SOM: If people don’t know, where can they find you and what channels and times can they find you on?


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