Artist Freia is definitely a vivid personality and is letting the world know she is ready to take her place in her music.

Where is Freia from? Whether it’s the East, the West, Latin America or elsewhere. Freia spent her childhood bouncing between the underground vibes of numerous great capital cities and the boho vibes of the countryside, a duality that is noticeable in her work, her music and the brilliant visuals that illustrate it all.

Freia is fearless and edgy, refreshingly spontaneous, she blends into her outstanding and unique signature, pop, electro, and tribal sounds. Just imagine visuals resulting from a collaboration between artists such as Jeff Koons, C215 and Enki Bilal, taking place in the middle of Burning Man festival: Nature clashes with the urban fauna, pop art gets dirty with post apocalyptic street art, ethnic beauty flirts with manga!

Freia might have a bold and confident shell but inside emotions are boiling, disappointed a few times in the past by empty promises, she marches on fearlessly, displaying her heartfelt emotions through her lyrics which are bold at times, and softer at others. Her wish is to inspire people to be strong and independent as well as delicate and sensitive, proving that confidence and emotions go hand in hand beautifully.

Becoming a singer: It has been her reality from a tender age, needless to say or state that she has stormed through all the local talent shows and programs, the turning point coming when she met her producer and co-writer Quba (renowned Producer/Dj he is). He is like a little voice in her head: her biggest supporter, best friend and harshest critic at the same time. The trust they built over six years, working in the studio almost every day, not only created strong bonds but also enabled Freia to put on paper the songs she had been humming in her head for years.

She released several tracks, independently, the latest of which found their way to the top of the Chinese Indie charts. Luck or faith, or both? Who knows? But this would not be her final attempt at breaking big. Shortly after, she embarks on a tour of China and Taiwan, brings out a heap of new tracks, performs at the first edition of the Electric Zoo Festival in China, and plugs a song on JJ Abrams and Cameron Crowe’s new TV show Roadies.

Her homemade videos posted on YouTube instantly score hundreds of thousands of views, her vocal talent drawing great artists such as Kungs to reach out and invite her to feature on the track “Bangalor Streets” taken from his album “Layers”.

Freia is now 22. Where is she from again? The East, the West, Latin America or elsewhere, who cares… Talent knows no borders. Her debut album, which she has almost solely written the lyrics and the music for (with help from her alter ego Quba) is now scheduled for release in 2017. Her 1st single “Call My Name” is already out now.

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