The infectious and great taste of Indian River Juices is now available at your local Food City stores. The new product comes to shelves with a key focus on naturalness. If you are looking for a great organic brand with an amazing taste, this is for you! We have tasted a lot of orange juices and other fruit drinks, from its competitors and they just don’t compare. Not only are you getting flavor your also getting something that is good for you.

Indian River Select® Premium Juices are picked, squeezed, bottled and shipped from the world renowned Indian River Citrus District of Florida. Look for their 59oz Valencia Orange Juice, 59oz Original Indian River Select® Brand Orange Juice, and 59oz, heart-healthy Indian River Select® Brand Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice the next time you visit Food City.

Indian River Select®, LLC was founded by two native Floridians from citrus growing families, Cliff Burg- owner -CEO and 6th generation Floridian and Pat Schirard-President and 4th generation Floridian.  Both keep Florida’s citrus industry close to their hearts.  In a time when the giant national juice brands have turned to blending off-shore juices into their products, Indian River Select® Brand remains one of the few premium juice companies that can proudly say that it is still 100% FLORIDA juice.

Known as a small regional boutique brand, Indian River Select® Brand has proven itself a leader in the premium citrus juice industry. Always proud of the vivid orange and lush ruby red of our juices, we have never had to hide our juice behind a waxed, gabled carton. We were the first brand to package in a clear, designer style PET container. Our easy pour handle was another industry first.

Indian River Select is offering a “Loyal Customer List” that you can sign up for to receive monthly, printable coupons for up to $1.00 off their juice. Learn more about Indian River Selects and sign up here:

“This content is sponsored by Indian River Select, LLC.”

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