Upon NBC threatening to terminate Nick Cannon’s position on America’s Got Talent, it really hit a nerve and according to TMZ, Cannon was “shaken to his core.”

Cannon reportedly had seriously questioned his value as an entertainer after the incident which ultimately led him to the decision to quit. TMZ cites that Nick was devastated when he learned the network was on the verge of firing him.

He looked at the long history of entertainers such as Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, David Letterman and many others who mocked their networks on their shows, and the companies allowed it, but when it came down to Cannon, as he went on Showtime and made “harmless comments about NBC,” and he was threatened with termination.

Cannon felt he was undervalued by the network and that he felt he was being treated differently than others. He also weighed out the fact of losing his $4.5 million per season salary but ultimately he took things really hard and was in an emotional wreck considering the fact that he is dealing with lupus.

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